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A leading IT Solutions Provider that specialize in Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business needs. We are fully committed to provide solutions that help your people utilize suitable, useful and reliable technologies to smooth over your business operations at a budget you can afford.



  At MAS, our products and solutions are specifically targeted to solve your business issues, to help you achieve your business objectives at the most efficient, easy and cost effective way.

Our successful relationships should go beyond just the delivery of our software & services. We want to make sure that you and your team enjoy a significant sense of achievement and improvement during the process, something that you can share, add value and be proud of.

Our effort always begin with a thorough discussion to understand your organizational requirements, processes, challenges and strategies. Then we map our solutions to your specific requirements. Our experienced consultants will deliver & deploy the solutions that you’re most comfortable with all sorts of activities including training, consulting, simulation, implementation support, application customization and systems integration.



PT. Mitra Abdi Solusi, Wisma Hayam Wuruk 4th Floor, Suite 420
Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 8, Jakarta 10120, Indonesia
Phone : +6221 3508535/36. Fax. : +6221 3508537. Email :